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Unleashing the Power of
Real Estate

Unlock the Future of Real Estate with Dubai MLS

Building Communities

Informing city planning and economic forecasting with housing data.

Trust, Collaboration, and Market Information You Can Count On

As a neutral ground for real estate professionals, Matrix™ thrives on trust, cooperation, and reliable data. Agents share property listings, creating a secure system governed by agreed-upon rules. This information serves various purposes:

Marketing and Advertising

Powering apps and websites like Zillow,, and Redfin.

Supporting Buyers

Helping buyers' agents find suitable properties and generate market analyses.

Local Home Search

Showcasing local properties for sale on brokerage websites.

Supporting Sellers

Assisting sellers' agents in comparing similar homes and providing data-driven advice.

See Matrix™ in Action - Tailored for You!

For real estate professionals

Matrix™ makes it possible to see a full and up-to-date picture of the market

Search the Market

Utilizing Matrix™ to guide searches for specific locations, features, and price points.

Go Deeper and Get Closer

Using Matrix™ to access detailed information not available on public platforms.

Know How Much to Offer

Analyzing up-to-the-minute information on comparable homes for competitive offers.

Price it Right

Using historical and current home sales data for accurate pricing.

Get Your Home Seen Everywhere

Displaying non-confidential information on various real estate platforms.

Get Other Agents Working on Your Behalf

Leveraging Matrix™ to reach a network of agents representing active buyers.

Key Features of Matrix™

Discover Tools and Solutions!

Effortless Listing Management

Simplify the process of managing and updating property listings seamlessly.

Customized Market Solutions

Tailor Matrix™ to specific market needs, ensuring flexibility for different countries.

Integrated Workflow Acceleration

Accelerate your real estate transactions with Matrix's integrative workflow.

Global Exposure, Local Precision

Expand your property exposure globally while maintaining a local touch for a broader reach.


Matrix™ ensures

The Largest Database of Available Homes

The Most Up-to-Date Home Status Information

Maximized Visibility of Homes for Sale

Verified, Trusted, Detailed, and Accurate Property Information.

It also facilitates

Cooperation between buyer and seller brokers

Equal opportunity for all home buyers and sellers

Easy identification of the agent selling the home

A level playing field between large and small brokerages.

The Power of  Dubai MLS

In a world without the MLS, you'd face challenges like

No centralized source of available homes

Outdated home status information

Fewer options for buyers on real estate websites

Unverified, inaccurate, and unreliable property information.

Dubai MLS transforms the real estate landscape, ensuring a wealth of benefits and a seamless experience for both professionals and clients alike.